Can any other platform beat Android’s Growth?

After analyzing the report that just came out by Comscore, we can’t be indiferent to the growth that the Android platform has been having in the last few months.

We’re watching this “jump” in the growth of market share as Android conquers it’s, well earned, place.

When we look at the numbers we tend to analyze the absolute value of market share and, only after that, we look at the change on the share’s percentage. In fact, we can look at the numbers differently:

As we can see, Android has grown a whole lot more than any other platform in the last 3 months. It looks like it’s sky rocketing.

We can now, if not before, be sure that it will have a major role on the market in the next few years (or months). While some people doubt Google’s strategy, here’s the proof that it’s working.

When we look at the content usage growth we realize that the social networking has its spotlight and people still wonder why the Sense UI is still one of the highlights on Android interfaces.

Do you think this rocket will reach the moon?

Multi-touch coming to Nexus One!!!

Starting today, Nexus One users will begin to receive an over-the-air software update on their phones. This update provides some great new features, and fixes a few problems that some users might have experienced, including: 

Google Goggles: this mobile application will now be available directly on your device by launching it from your All Apps menu. Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web

Google Maps: the Maps application with be updated to a new version, Google Maps 3.4, which will include:

  • Starred items synchronized with – access your favorite places from your phone or computer
  • Search suggestions from your personal history – makes it easy to search for places you’ve searched for before
  • Night mode in Google Maps Navigation – automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving
Pinch-to-zoom functionality: devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone’s Browser, Gallery and Maps applications
3G connectivity: we will provide a general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones
In order to access the update, you will receive a message on your phone’s notification bar. Just download the update, wait for it to install, and you should be all set. This update will be rolled out gradually to phones – and most users might not receive the notification until the end of the week. We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to your feedback.

Mytouch2 aka Mytouch slide in the flesh!!!!

Let the rumors stop and the truth be told!!! A trusted and anonymous source dropped this in my Inbox today. Behold the Espresso aka The Mytouch2 aka The Mytouch Slide. Wow that’s a lot of aka’s. Mr Blurrycam took the night off when it came time to getting these pics. The above shot is purported to be the MyTouch Slide phone, sent over by my super ninja. The keyboard looks like quite spacious and noticeably drops the trackball for a Blackberry-like trackpad that doubles as a push button.

Here is a list of confirmed Specs:

  • 1300mAHr Battery
  • MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal.  It is a push to insert and push to remove design.
  • Optical trackpad with an integrated push button.
  • Camera with LED flash.
  • 3.5 mm Headset Jack
  • Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard
  • 320×48o screen resolution.
  • ARM11 processor.

Chime in and let us know what you think about the device… Are you going to get one?

Sony Ericsson moving ahead with Android for China…

Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg said the handset maker has no plans to delay the launch of its first Android smartphone in China. The announcement comes days after Google postponed indefinitely the launch of two Android handsets in the country following a dispute with China over cyber security.

“We don’t expect any delay based on that situation,” Nordberg said at a Tokyo news conference. “We expect to launch simultaneously in the whole world including China.”

The phone, the Xperia X10, will go on sale first in Japan through NTT DoCoMo in April, and in China shortly thereafter.

Google’s two stalled Android phones, one by Motorola and another by Samsung, were scheduled to launch Wednesday with China Unicom. The delay was the first sign that Google’s wireless efforts might be impacted by what the company has described as cyber security attacks originating in China and possibly directed by the government there. Google has threatened to withdraw from the country over the issue.

Sony Ericsson has much riding on the success of the X10, and has described the device as the flagship for a family of phones the struggling handset maker will release in the first half of this year. The device features a new user interface called UX, which appears to build on many of the advances HTC and Motorola have made with their own custom Android user interfaces. Sony Ericsson has not said if it will partner with a U.S. carrier for the X10.

Android netbooks from ODM Compal in development!

Taiwanese ODM Compal Communications are preparing to develop Android-based netbooks, according to the latest reports in the Commercial Times.  Compal, who were tipped to take over manufacturing of the Acer Aspire One, and are believed to be the ODM for the Dell range of Inspiron Mini netbooks, are supposedly in negotiations with several notebook vendors regarding the project.

Details on the netbooks themselves are slim, with neither DigiTimes nor the Chinese-language paper suggesting what specifications Compal have in mind.  One possibility is that the ODM will use the somewhat traditional Intel Atom platform; Android has already been shown to run successfully on the Atom N270-based ASUS Eee PC.

Another possibility is that Compal could turn to ARM’s chipset range, selecting either a more basic processor or something HD-capable such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.  Android-based Snapdragon devices are expected to launch this year, complete with 1080p support and high-speed WWAN connectivity.

Thanks Android Community